Contrary to what many people believe, some of the best weekend getaways are located in and around Gauteng. The fact that a large part of the countries work-force is located in Johannesburg and Pretoria, means that there is a large market in the area for weekend breakaways. These getaways in Gauteng range from luxury holiday houses, cheap budget breaks and romantic sunsets.

There is much more to a weekend break than what people may think, it’s a known fact that people generally rank experiences higher than owning a possession, and an experience is what awaits when taking a weekend break in Gauteng. Many couples in Gauteng opt for cheap and inexpensive camping and caravan parks in and around Gauteng. Often during the week, a couple will decide to go away on a romantic getaway and that might lead them to a boutique hotel, or a budget bed and breakfast (BnB). Since there are millions of couples living in province, self-catering weekend getaways are top choices for young lovers who want romantic weekend getaways.

Weekend Getaways in Gauteng